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Back to 2007

Made it to one last Nats games before the season ends. 

Presidents.JPG (4550757 bytes)   bigpole.JPG (3796796 bytes)
Dead Presidents                 Big pole, little van

10 days in Ireland  Click Here for the Ireland Page.
Back to the lake!  Trips are short and jammed packed, but it accommodates my work schedule and keeps my vacation planning inline with an upcoming Ireland trip.  Lots of dock time and great swimming.  Hung with Anna, Mom, Dad and Maggie a whole lot.  Also took a trip to  Shohola Falls.  Hiked up the gorge through the water/falls, climbing against the whitewater felt like mountain climbing.  Looking forward to a couple more short trips this summer!

Clouds.jpg (354216 bytes)  SunSet.jpg (305514 bytes)  Duck.jpg (396983 bytes)  Dusk.jpg (217099 bytes)
Clouds                           Sun Set                               Duck                               Dusk 

BassHoles.jpg (310865 bytes)  Anna.jpg (336617 bytes)  In_Stride.jpg (347895 bytes)  Dig.jpg (643130 bytes)
Bass Holes joined me                  Anna                      Maggie running                   Maggie digging

Spillway.jpg (504550 bytes)  Falls.jpg (692920 bytes)  TreeBeard.jpg (829931 bytes)
Shohola Spill Way          Falls                                Relative of Tree Beard?

Up to the lake for a belated birthday dinner for Mom.  Anna and Barbara joined were there too.  Great weather made my first swim possible.  Anna was swimming as well.  I will be back in two weeks!

waves.jpg (395853 bytes)   feesh.jpg (271558 bytes)
Look at the waves               Feesh

Spent 4th of July weekend in DC.  Fresh off trip to Cali, I was a little slow all weekend, work Monday didn't help much either.  Some quality time with Adam and Julie, poker, Murphy's and caught another Nats game.  See you in Tampa.

 RFK.jpg (308305 bytes)   tickets.jpg (233133 bytes)   action.jpg (436822 bytes)   river.jpg (481793 bytes)
RFK                                  Tickets?                            Action                              I found a river!

Caught a flight out of Dulles to LAX for a week of training in Santa Monica.  I could have done without all the bums, but it was a pretty cool place.  I hit the beach, managed a couple skimboard passes and ate more than I did in the whole month of June.  In the end, I was glad to be home.

Burger.jpg (72776 bytes)   pch.jpg (103758 bytes)   Wing.jpg (73177 bytes)   Hotel.jpg (141272 bytes)
I was way out west             Pacific Coast Hwy            En route                          Hotel view 

Metro.jpg (70860 bytes)   Trees.jpg (261998 bytes)
Metro?                             Cool Trees

Dave Matthews at the Nissan Pavillion.  The storms were threatening all the way to the start of the show.  Then the mud sliding began.  The worst part of a show at the Nissan - the traffic come time to leave.

rain.jpg (117000 bytes)   traffic1.jpg (83059 bytes)   traffic2.jpg (72260 bytes)
Storm                              Traffic                               More traffic 

The Yankees were in town this weekend.  Made the game Friday night to witness the win.  Saturday caught the game in HD, along with golf, tennis, and World Cup Soccer.  Sunday, back to RFK to witness the loss.

beerLemonade.jpg (98225 bytes)   Dusk.jpg (145368 bytes)   yankswin.jpg (100426 bytes)  
Beer n Lemonade                Dusk                               The Yankeeees Win!          
train.jpg (69413 bytes)
Just keep walking

torre.jpg (122721 bytes)   wang.jpg (99076 bytes)   pres.jpg (37008 bytes)
Torre!                               Fans of Wang                    The Pres

Hit the road for some camping in Shenandoah.  The weather was perfect, around 80, nice breeze and cool in the evening.  Pretty standard trip, hiking, Frisbee, BBQ, campfire, and sleeping under the stars.  Perhaps standard, but a great time!

phone.jpg (270492 bytes)  intowoods.jpg (147115 bytes)  plane.jpg (91214 bytes)  scenic1.jpg (120690 bytes)
We are connected              Into the woods                High altitude route           The hills

scenic2.jpg (96303 bytes)  fire.jpg (57493 bytes)  coffeeguard.jpg (119703 bytes)
More Hills                       Fire hot                          Protect the coffee

I guess it rains in Boston?  My flight was delayed two hours out of Washington relate to the weather in New England.  Out of the Airport bar and onto the plane to spend the weekend in Boston.  Great to be in Boston, far too short a visit.  Was able to catch-up with Jonathan, Danielle, and Isabelle.  Isabelle is adorable!  Had Pizza, beers and cake with Jeanne and Rex as well.  Good to catch-up and also see Jeanne's Italy Pictures.  Also got a good beer tip, enjoying a Negra Modelo right now, thank you!  And of course hung with Anna a whole lot!  She is something else, watching her for 1 1/2 hours was more stressful for me than a month's commute.  Long over due, but a great visit!

U_up.jpg (72950 bytes)  SnG.jpg (46036 bytes)  Sox.jpg (136867 bytes)  Buckner.jpg (120538 bytes)
Uu Up                               Boston S&G                  Ipswich and Sox coverage   The Bridge

Hit the road Friday night to spend memorial day weekend at Dewey Beach.  Not a whole lot of details, just some good friends, lots of live music, chillin on the beach and lots of drinks.  Can't wait to go back!

enroutecheers.jpg (37357 bytes)  pier1.jpg (36226 bytes)  beach1.jpg (36265 bytes)  street.jpg (46061 bytes)
Cheer, we are en route        Ah the pier!                     Clouds to the West         Main street

twohalf.jpg (73632 bytes)  seaplane.jpg (35016 bytes)  fogsun.jpg (47825 bytes)  fogmorn.jpg (48739 bytes)
The 2.5                          Sea Plane over North beach        A Foggy Sun Set?         A foggy morning

Chad, Nate, Paul and I caught the DSO show at The State Theater in Falls Church VA.  Typically they repeat set lists from original Dead shows, but we were treated to an original set list.  Aside from some breaks between songs, so the band could get on the same page, the show was amazing.  We followed it up with some poker just inside the beltway at Chad and nate's.

DSO2.jpg (157799 bytes)    nightsky.jpg (234661 bytes)
DSO                                  Inside the Beltway

05/05/2006 - Lake Wallenpaupack, PA
Maggie, on wild animal alert as usual.  After week 1 of my new job, I made the late run up to visit my folks.  A very brief visit, but the travel was well worth it.    
04/08/2006 - Camden Yards - Baltimore, MD
After driving almost 360 degrees around I-495/the Beltway, I found my way to Baltimore and met up with Jason and Michelle.  They were down from NH to visit Baltimore and catch the Red Sox game.  I finally made it to Camden yards and agree it is an impressive stadium.  In the end, we didn't wait out the rain delay and ended up in Pickles Pub, but still had a great time.  Looking forward to a return trip end of April!

ballpark.jpg (148640 bytes)  inside.jpg (131137 bytes)  unbroken.jpg (207482 bytes)  Broken.jpg (249630 bytes)
Ballpark                           From the Pub                    Interesting sign?            Oh, makes sense

04/01/2006 Cherry Blossom Festival DC
Up at 6 am on a Saturday to hit the world famous Cherry Blossom Festival in and around DC.  The crowds were there already at 7am, the weather was so so, but it was well worth the trip.  I was there with Nate and Jamie, we took in the blossoms, which evolved into a tour of the surrounding monuments, which evolved into lunch in Georgetown.  Several items checked off the list this past weekend!  

FDR.jpg (116323 bytes)   Abe.jpg (103238 bytes)  Nam.jpg (283773 bytes)   wwII.jpg (139450 bytes)
FDR Waterfalls                   Abe                               Nam                                  WW2 

Monument.jpg (54727 bytes)  4huey.jpg (34843 bytes)  enroutehuey.jpg (100786 bytes)  Canal.jpg (268378 bytes)
Monument                        Huey formation                En route Huey                  C&O Canal

3/17/06 - St. Patrick's Day NYC
Hopped the train to NYC Friday morning so I could celebrate St. Patrick's Day up there.  First, whiskey and movies on the train ride up with Paul.  Then, with Rich and Paul, a typical parade around NYC on various adventures to random bars, parties, and sources of food all weekend.  Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you.

CourtYard.jpg (272059 bytes)   Frisbee.jpg (248553 bytes)   FullBomb.jpg (296168 bytes)   EmptyBomb.jpg (624933 bytes)
Courtyard...                       ...Frisbee                         A Full Bomb                     3 Empties!

Pizza.jpg (212436 bytes)   AnimeBurger.jpg (177269 bytes)   Leaving.jpg (191189 bytes)   Jersey.jpg (327356 bytes)
Sheet Pizza                        Anime Burger                    I think I'm leaving             Yup, Jersey

3/14/06 - Washington Capitals v. Buffalo Sabers
MCI, Worldcomm, MCI-Worldcomm, out of business, MCI, Verizon, Verizon Business... yeah, I was at the Verizon Center.  Hats off to the people who managed to leave no trace of the letters MCI, in the old MCI Center.  First live hockey in quite some time.  The Sabers brought back a lot of fond college memories.  And, what an ending!

Action.JPG (2405842 bytes)   Cameras.JPG (2541079 bytes)   trikes.JPG (2461825 bytes)   JustMe.JPG (2745549 bytes)
Action                             Nice camera                        There were these guys        The last one


End of Feb 06
Fresh off a Root Canal, I went to PA for a short vacation with Family.  Anna was a blast, lake was starting to freeze, and my tooth was starting to hurt again.  I did manage a run along the Lackawaxen River, over the Roebling Bridge, and down the Delaware to Hawk's Nest.  I also made it to the Phil and Friend's show in Upper Darby.  In the end, I rushed to my dentist in Maryland and had some time to reflect while he worked on the repeat infection... Another great visit!

AnnaMaggs.jpg (886575 bytes)   WebSurf.jpg (595770 bytes)   TV.jpg (971959 bytes)   Hat.jpg (757842 bytes)
Anna and Maggie                Web Surfing                    Watching TV                    Another one of Uncle's hats

Phil.JPG (146919 bytes)   Ice.jpg (837927 bytes)   Bridge.jpg (979548 bytes)   Car.jpg (1060285 bytes)
Phil                                 The Lake                          Down the Delaware             No Comment