When I first got here, I saw the most disgusting thing I've                ever seen in my life.  Hollyfeld in his pajamas!  

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Raced up to the lake on Friday after work and made it out for a few upon arrival.  End of September and I spent a couple hours in the water and many more reading and sun bathing.  A rare treat so late in the season!  A great sunset, quality time with the folks, and some steam off the lake in the morning.  The warm weather can't last forever!

Sunset                              Steam

Giants v. Skins.  Tailgate, played some corn hole, good company and  good times!

Corn hole                           Take the field

I did make it to a Nats game this year.  It was getting to the wire, but I joined the UNR Alumni for their annual tailgate.  I watched the tailgate while they went in to meet the UNR Alum Ryan Church. My ticket to the game was free for keeping an eye on things.  It was lonely for about two minutes until I met the security guard Barbara and learned all about her theories on urban development, gun control, and global warming.  She was camera shy, sorry no pic.
Labor Day weekend down at VA Beach.  Lots of runners, lots of music and a great view from the balcony!  Strong under toe, but a few swims parallel to the shore line and I managed a lot of time in the water!  Good music too - Inxs and Steve Miller were a couple of the highlights.

Stage                                Beach                             Moonrise

Paul, Rich, and myself took a long weekend and caught up in PA.  Weather left a little to be desired, but very relaxing!
Baltimore for Nick's Birthday.  Pickles Pub, Yanks v Orioles, and then to the bars.  Good times!

Pickles                            Huddle                             Nick on the Jumbotron

Up to PA for a week of vacation.  Barbara in on both weekends, Anna and Liz there all week!  Met my quota on dock time, spent lots of time with Family, managed an adventure and returned very relaxed!  My adventure took me through some dense forest in the Shohola Glen and ended at the River Market in Barryville NY for an amazing pulled pork panini.  Click here to see the pictures from my adventure.

Playing Games                 Clouds                            Red Sky                          Storm is coming


Made my way back to the Joint Service Open House at Andrews Air Force Base again this year.  It was an amazing show, not as many demonstrations in the air, but what lacked in volume was very well covered by quality - Link below for pics


CLICK HERE for pics

Laura and Kevin were Married this day in Stone Harbor NJ.  It was a great weekend all around - great people, great location, great weather, great ceremony and great reception.  All the best to Laura and Kevin!

Sabers Represent

Weekend in Baltimore for Kevin's Bachelor Party.  Quite a fine time!  Pictured left was my version of Surf and Turf at a fine restaurant - The Lobster meat did indeed end up on top of the Burger, it was heavenly!
A free weekend, a book to finish, the desire to hike, and FINE Spring weather.  Off to Shenandoah for the weekend - I managed to make Sourdough Biscuits before I left - they were so good, they were gone before I could take a picture.


Home for Easter with the Fam - cold cold cold Easter - the lake could have frozen back over it was so cold.  Anna enjoyed coloring the eggs, for a little bit!

Coloring Eggs                    NO MORE PICTURES!


Paul had a Keg of Guinness, A St. Patrick's Day party with St. Patty's Day Gifts, and Rich was in town.  Sounds like a lovely day for a Guinness!


A very full week in PA!  Heading out of the DC Metro area on Saturday, 4 days after a snow/ice storm, I was greeted by closed Interstates just North of Harrisburg.  I81, I80, and I78 all still closed due to the storm, so a straight shot turned into a detour past Fort Indiantown Gap, through Amish country, over to Philadelphia and then, finally, a straight shot North.  Great visit with family and friends! 

Fort Indiantown Gap           Bug-eyed Moms                Transport to the bar

Transport to the Bar              Photo Supplies                  Going........

Going.........                     Gone!