September 2006


Begin, Washington DC, 09/15/2006 9:30 AM EST.  End, Washington DC, 09/24/2006 10:30 AM EST.  The following pictures represent what happened and what I saw between the beginning and the end.

NYC.JPG (3148108 bytes)
Amtrak to Penn Station and into an Irish Bar to wait for Rich

JFKleave.JPG (2239980 bytes)
An Irish plane to fly to Ireland

Foleys.JPG (3081488 bytes)
Foley's, the only regular source of food in Dublin

DublinLines.JPG (4307472 bytes)

IvyScooters.JPG (3506081 bytes)
Scooter Parking

PaulConstruction.JPG (2650831 bytes)
Paul Construction

DublinSunrise.JPG (4404660 bytes)
Sunrise on the Liffey

DublinPoliceBoat.JPG (4970193 bytes)
Irish Navy on the Liffey

DublinEle.JPG (4624041 bytes)
The Dublin L

DublinHooks.JPG (5906049 bytes)

DublinLightpost.JPG (4384734 bytes)
Dublin Street Light

DublinBlueLED.JPG (5874586 bytes)
Another wonderful blue LED

Toucan.JPG (2829172 bytes)
Toucan Brew

LetsPlay.JPG (2512885 bytes)
Ryder Cup 2006, Let's Play

GuinessPipes.JPG (2636521 bytes)
Guinness Factory, Guinness Is Good For You! 

GuinnessFactory.JPG (2782556 bytes)
Guinness for Strength

GuinnessWaterfall.JPG (2946624 bytes)
Guinness Waterfall

GuinnessMarketing.JPG (2516464 bytes)
The New Gnu Knew

GuinnessSkyRich.JPG (2572177 bytes)

GuinessSkyBar.JPG (2622135 bytes)
View from Skybar

RichPaulStreet.JPG (3164635 bytes)
Temple Bar

Andy.JPG (3884780 bytes)

BrkBike.JPG (3925467 bytes)
Broken Bike

DublinRandoms.JPG (3032126 bytes)

IrishTreebeard.JPG (4158350 bytes)
Irish Treebeard

RichStreet.JPG (3181428 bytes)
Temple Bar

KillkennyOKhouse.JPG (4134821 bytes)
This house in Killkenny was just OK

KillkennyMattTheMillers.JPG (4862861 bytes)
Matt the Miller's in Killkenny

GraveYard.JPG (5434307 bytes)
This housed a Graveyard 

DingleDusk.JPG (5626295 bytes)
Dingle Bay at Dusk

DingleAlpha.JPG (4079723 bytes)
The Alpha, the rain, and Dingle Bay

DingleBeehive.JPG (4923149 bytes)
Beehive houses, not shortage of stone

DingleStonehouse.JPG (4613151 bytes)
Look, a house made of stone

DingleCoast.JPG (4161079 bytes)
Dingle coast

DingleBeach.JPG (4652936 bytes)
Dingle Beach

DingleBeachRich.JPG (4645637 bytes)
Watching the break

DingleFarmhouse.JPG (4250165 bytes)
Dingle farmhouse

IrishCoastGuard.JPG (3187131 bytes)
Irish Coast Guard

ConnorsPass.JPG (4315447 bytes)
Connor's Pass, just outside Dingle

ConnorsPass2.JPG (4903059 bytes)
Connor's Pass

ConnorsPassFence.JPG (4790522 bytes)
Connor's Pass

ConnorsPassPaul.JPG (4355690 bytes)
Connor's Pass

ConnorsPassTop.JPG (4321119 bytes)
Reached the top of Connor's Pass

WindowShotMajor.JPG (4998339 bytes)
Major Road Works Ahead

WindowShotRainbow.JPG (4493308 bytes)

Ferry.JPG (4499657 bytes)
Ferry en route to Enis

Enis.JPG (4898990 bytes)

LimestoneField.JPG (4245036 bytes)
Limestone fields

LimestoneField2.JPG (5924622 bytes)
Limestone Fields

ShotgunCastle2.JPG (4656482 bytes)
Shotgun Shell Castle

ShotgunCastle.JPG (4821636 bytes)
Inside Shotgun Shell Castle

Sweatertown.JPG (3631269 bytes)
Sweater Town, just below the Cliffs of Mohr

Cillinans.JPG (3791449 bytes)
Cullinan's - Best Scrambled Eggs ever!!

WindowShotRuin.JPG (3809762 bytes)
Ruins from the car window

WindowShotShannon.JPG (3740001 bytes)
Approaching the Shannon Airport

ShannonPhone.JPG (3868752 bytes)
One last call